Our Business

DFNN is a leading IT solutions provider and systems integrator, enabling its customers to compete in an increasingly technology dependent environment since 1999. Backed by its domain expertise in financial services, the company has become a proprietary software technology, wireless, and secure solutions partner of leading corporations and institutions.


DFNN was one of the pioneer providers of access to internet-based stock market trading systems and other IT Value-Added Services (VAS) in Southeast Asia and Automated Stock Exchange trading platforms. The company developed a proprietary order routing system technology, which allows stock brokerage firms to accept orders online and access real-time stock prices as well as to execute these trades via the internet. Based on this core secure proprietary technology, the company has developed other secure wireless, and internet applications which are now being used as secure data transactions processors of corporations to alert workforce, deliver services, including sales automation, marketing, customer support, helpdesk, online inquiries and payments, distribution, logistics, and other processes that require secure high volume processing.


An integral part of DFNN’s services is to help companies integrate technology, business processes and people while they focus on their core business and their customers. Businesses benefit from DFNN solutions by integrating their processes with technologies that leverage their existing IT investments, manpower, and newer applications that may need integrations with mature systems.


The company continues to develop various interactive mobile, wide area network, and wireless solutions for operations requiring effective and 24/7 secure connectivity and operations either primarily or through its subsidiary Intelligent Wave Philippines. DFNN also provides proprietary corporate solutions designed to maximize client’s existing computer infrastructure, which can be integrated with various front and back office systems. DFNN wireless-based engines allow user to securely send, receive, and access data through the internet, desktop PCs, laptops, personal communication devices (PCD’s), cellular phones and other mobile computing devices. DFNN continues to develop, enhances and advances with technology including other wireless technologies such as, General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi), WIMAX and Nth Generation Wireless protocols (4G and beyond).

DFNN Gaming Solutions

DFNN has found that many of its developed technologies and project management experience deployed at its various financial institutional clients are also capable of being customized and used in a gaming environment. Both financial and gaming industries require secure environments in which to operate. With the advent of the opening of the gaming industry, both land based and electronic in Asia, DFNN has created a division to cater to the needs of the Emerging Asian Gaming Industry.


DFNN’s gaming solutions span the capability for wireless gaming, game creation, and gaming related project management and software outsourcing. DFNN is willing to cater its gaming products to the needed business processes of legal gaming entities operating in legal gaming jurisdictions.


Our powerful combination of game content and technology has resulted in revenue-enhancing solutions for our customers. DFNN is currently delivering innovative new game content through a wide array of products, systems, and solutions. Together with our customers, we continue to transform the quality and service of our products, systems, and solutions to support and expand sales. Now, and in the future, DFNN will continue to invest in its innovative gaming technologies to deliver exciting, new content through leading technology to maximize the gaming revenue stream.


Our mission is to provide authorized jurisdictions with the means to grow and prosper independently, by developing solutions that help our clients in utilizing various channels successfully, emphasizing Internet, mobile and interactive technologies. We see client satisfaction as the source of employee, shareholder, supplier, and community benefits and will strive to exceed client expectations through continuous improvement in quality, flexibility, service, and productivity.

Game Application Software

Game Application Software

Game Content and Technology

Project Processing System

Project Management

Project Support and Consultancy


To be the fastest growing and most relevant provider of gaming technology solutions in the Philippines by the year 2020.


To develop and deliver market leading Information Technology services and solutions, manage and operate quality services and businesses, deliver superior service, as well as constantly develop a market leading position in the Philippine regulated gaming market.

DFNN is the only publicly listed Information Technology company in the Philippine regulated gaming industry. As such, it finds itself in a unique position to capitalize its  deep understanding and experience in Information Technology in exploring and maximizing opportunities in the gaming sector.

Board of Directors
Antonio A. Lopa (Chairman of the Board)
Ramon C. Garcia Jr. (Director)
Roberto F. De Ocampo (Director)
Jean Henri D. Lhuillier (Director)
Edwin B. Villanueva (Director)
Eric Francis P. Ongkauko (Director)
Joseph Y. Roxas (Director)
Brandon C. Chan (Director)
Catherine Michelle E. Panotes (Director)
Marco Antonio R. Urera (Independent Director)
Monico V. Jacob (Independent Director)
Management Key Officers
Antonio A. Lopa Chairman of the Board
Ramon C. Garcia, Jr. President/CEO
Manuel Z. Gonzalez Corporate Secretary
Edwin B. Villanueva Treasurer
DFNN Gaming Organization

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